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Inaccurate shipping times on in stock items. The item's page indicates "Usually ships 2-3 business days". However, I received the item after 8 business days after I paid by moneygram!

I emailed customer service because they do not provide a number. As a result, trying to get my issue resolved took days.

I will not be purchasing from In stock items/shipping time information are inaccurate. Also, needs to reconstruct how they handle customer service to increase response time.

A friend recommended this website, he had a great experience with them but now I want to kick him in the nuts. The prices they have a great anyway.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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I feel I have been scammed!I purchased a Sony Vaio VPCF127FX on September 24,2010.

Against my better judgement and emails to which to this date I have not had a reply; I sent the moneygram that i was instructed to send to an address in Aberdeen, Scotland along with the reference number. The only email I have received thus far is that they confirmed that the money was sent and that I would hear from them in 24 hours as to the shipping details. To this date I have heard nothing. When I try to go back to the website it has disappeared or I am being blocked from it.

I use Safari and I am being told that the server cannot be found. I am upset at myself for being so *** as this was supposed to be my birthday present to me and now I have nothing. Richard, if you see this post

would you let me know how they sent the item you ordered to you and from where it was sent? I thought I would post this so others will not have the same fate as me.

As for discounts-electronics they better make good on my order or I will contact Interpol and trust me I do have friends in high places and hiding is not an option! This is one pissed off customer and you *** with the wrong one!

I repeatedly asked them why they did not use Paypal and got no reply.Friends out there be warned stay away from this site!



Did you actually order and receive your product from this company?I am trying to learn if this company is for real or just a scam site.

Today I contacted their customer service via the chat service and they were very evasive about answering questions regarding inconsistencies about their their US Logistics address being a McMansion in a high end community in CA. The website said in the about us section they have been in business for 16 years, yet if you check the website registration details it is all private and has only been launched for about 2 weeks. Tonight when I went back on the site they have a new promotion that you receive ridiculous gifts for orders over $1000.

Example $1000-$1500 you get a free Sony PS3 and the gifts only get more they discount everything on their site by 40% and are giving away minimum gifts of a PS3 for orders over $1,000.It seems to me that the saying if it's too good to be true then it probably is applies here...but if I can find someone that actually received what they ordered with out their identity being stolen I would love to get the item I am looking for at 40% off.

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